Just a Bad Situation All Around

A 19-year-old named Cody Turner has got caught up in a messy situation! The police and fire department were called to a northeastern Pennsylvania apartment complex with a report of a clogged plumbing repair issue. Once on scene the Dickson City police and fire recognized where the overflowing toilet was
coming from but once inside the police found around twelve marijuana plants inside Cody’s apartment. That’s not all though the police also found marijuana seeds and a scale for weighing the marijuana and also found various forms of drug paraphernalia.

The 19-year-old was arrested and he is now facing drug charges and is currently in custody in the Lackawanna County Prison with a $10,000 bail amount set. An overflowing plumbing problem has now caused this young man a lot, it seems like he just flushed his life down the toilet (no pun intended)!

The headlines don’t mention if Cody was home initially but if he was he sure should have turned off the valve behind the toilet to stop the flooding and would of or could of avoided being caught growing the marijuana. If he had any idea how to shut the valve off he¹d be a free man now.

A Louisville, KY woman is in the news and has been arrested due to an overflowing toilet because one of her young children called 911 to tell the dispatcher that the toilet in their home was overflowing. The mother actually locked her two young children inside the house in New Salisbury while she was at work
over one hundred miles away in Indianapolis. The 911 dispatcher asked the child if he was alone and he explained that his mom was at work and that his dad didn’t live there with them. The poor child went onto to explain that his mom and dad were going through a custody battle and that his dad wanted to take

It is really sad to think someone could be so irresponsible with their own children. Hopefully, the father will get custody and moving forward if the mother wants visitation rights that they will be supervised. The mother of these twin boys faces six-months to three years in prison for her poor choices. Only in the golden state of California.

Excess Speed And No Helmet May Have Contributed To Death Of Motorcyclist In Dallas

Speed, motorcycles, and motorcycle riders that don’t wear helmets are a deadly combination. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that there are between 4 and 5,000 motorcycle fatalities per year. Obviously they are more dangerous than automobiles and other motor vehicles, and we all know how dangerous cars can be. Just ask auto insurance companies and the owners of Dallas Car Repair automotive service shops in Texas who fix the damaged vehicles in question.
According to bikersrights.com, a law that went into effect September 1, 2009 repealed the helmet exemption sticker program. The bill removed the law that required a person be covered with a minimum of $10,000 in health insurance for injuries incurred in a motorcycle accident to be eligible for an exception for the offense of operating or riding without a helmet. All in all, the bill in question requires the Texas Department of Insurance to prescribe a standard proof of health insurance for issuance to persons who are at least 21 years of age and covered by an applicable health insurance plan.

So most likely, as far as his lack of a helmet goes, found injured in a West Dallas street the 4600 block of Bernal Drive, wasn’t breaking a helmet law. However, a police report states that Luis Miguel Zamarron, 27, was traveling at an “unsafe” speed while riding his black 2003 Suzuki motorcycle.
Christina Rosales reported the story under the headline, “Motorcycle accident blamed in death of man found injured in West Dallas street,” posted April 23, 2013 on dallasnews.com.
Rosales writes that according to a police report the injured man was found about 4 a.m. Tuesday. A witness told police that Zamarron was not wearing a helmet. Also, the witness tried to perform CPR on the roadside of the said highway until paramedics arrived but he died shortly after he arrived at Parkland Memorial Hospital.

Woman On Motorcycle Dies In Dallas County Accident

Motorcycles are dangerous, there’s just no denying it. My husband has been riding them for years and will not admit it, but anyone who has ever worked in an emergency room for any length of time will tell you. Of course cars and suv’s are dangerous, too, but the woman in this report would probably be alive if she were in an auto instead of a bike.
KXAS-TV (Channel 5) reported the story under the headline, “Woman killed in motorcycle accident in southwestern Dallas County,” by staff writer Christina Rosales, posted April 29, 2013. I read it on dallasnews.com, The Dallas Morning News.

A Most Tragic Accident in the Lone Star State

It seems the woman was traveling on Interstate 20 and thrown from her motorcycle Sunday night. She stopped when she stopped suddenly and a car rear-ended her.
Rosales’s report states that around 10 p.m., Dallas sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene at Interstate 20 and Cedar Ridge Drive, near the Duncanville-Dallas line. Several vehicles had been involved in an accident and the woman was lying dead in the road.
According to investigators the woman was riding with several people on Interstate 20 when she came to a rapid stop and was hit from behind by the car.
It was also reported that the car hit a center wall and two other vehicles spun out during the incident.

The Importance of Helmet Safety for Motorcycle Riders

Man Injured in Crash
On the afternoon of April 14, 2013, a crash occurred between two motorcyclists around 1 PM on the off-ramp of interstate 15. The collision in question happened when a black 2005 Harley-Davidson was riding behind a black 2003 Harley-Davidson. The rear motorcycle was following too closely so when the front motorcycle rider began to brake, the rear rider was not able to break in time. By the way, if you need an Auto Repair Concord this is a great site if you have a damaged motor vehicle that needs to be fixed in the golden state of California:

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As a result, the rear motorcyclist struck the first cycle rider. Both motorcyclists were thrown off of their vehicles. The rear motorcycle rider was flown by helicopter to a nearby medical center for severe head injuries. Unfortunately, the rider was not wearing a helmet. In contrast, the front motorcycle rider was treated while on the scene and released shortly after. The front driver was wearing a helmet. Be careful on the roads, streets and highways please.

The Vital Importance of Helmet Safety

Motorcycle helmets are absolutely crucial for the safety of the motorcycle rider. The story shown above illustrates the importance of helmet safety as the motorcycle rider wearing a helmet suffered much less and severe injuries. The motorcyclist that failed to wear a helmet suffered severe head injuries and had to be flown to the medical center while the other motorcyclist had only minor injuries. If one of these hits a car, even a fender bender or a major head on collision, it can cause heavy damages.

According to a review in 2008, wearing a helmet reduces the risk of head injury by 69% and death by 42%. Helmet protection can make a huge difference in the outcome of the motorcycle rider’s condition after an accident. It was once thought that wearing a helmet would increase neck and spinal injuries, but recent studies have shown that to be false. Helmets protect against spine and head injury, which is extremely imperative as head and spinal injuries are extremely common injuries that occur for motorcyclists.
Driving Under the Influence
Driving under the influence, also known as DUI, is driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. In most jurisdictions, a person is considered driving under the influence when they have a blood alcohol content of .08% or above. A person’s blood alcohol content is the percentage of alcohol within their blood. Driving under the influence is a criminal offense as it often leads to serious accidents and injuries. It is estimated that every 53 minutes a person is killed due to a drunk driver while every 90 seconds a person is injured due to a drunk driver.

How Alcohol Affects Your Driving and Riding Skills: Damaged Vehicles, Injuries on Rise

When intoxicated, many people feel that they are okay and safe to drive. However, alcohol truly affects a person’s driving skills even if they do not believe so. Alcohol affects most functions done by your brain. Because alcohol is a depressant, it slows down your brain’s function so you don’t respond or react quickly to situations and cannot make decisions as quickly. Here in Concord, CA this is a big issue.
In addition, alcohol reduces your ability to judge how fast you are moving or your distance from other vehicles or people. That is why drunk drivers always accidently cause an accident with another vehicle or pedestrians. An extremely dangerous aspect of alcohol is that it gives drivers a false sense of confidence. Because of this many drivers believe that they are okay to drive when they’re not. Or they will take even greater risks while driving and cause a serious accident.
When intoxicated, many drivers find it difficult to multitask. Drunk drivers find it challenging to do more than one thing. If they concentrate on steering they can possible miss seeing car or traffic lights when driving through an intersection. Not to mention that alcohol makes you sleepy, so add this factor in and drivers can accidently lose focus on the wheel.
If you were recently injured by a drunk driver, you should speak to a Seattle, Washington attorney who specializes in car accidents. With the legal assistance of a Seattle auto accident attorney, you may be entitled to a substantial settlement for your pain and suffering in the emerald city.

Report Out Of Nashville Tells Of Bizarre Accident

I just returned from Nashville TN. by car (no it is not a Mercedes), ready to start writing again: Tim Ghianni posted the story on the Reuter news website, Mar 30, 2013, under the headline, “Body of pilot who fell 2,500 feet from plane found in Tennessee.”

This is something you don’t hear of everyday

Ghianni cited officials as saying that searchers in the Tennessee countryside found the corpse of a man who fell roughly 2,500 feet to his death when the cockpit canopy of his airplane opened.
Bob Gault, spokesman for the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office, was quoted as saying, “They found him in a tree line…..” There are a lot of automobile accidents in this state but not as many of this sort.
On that note, if you need to fix your motor vehicle then this Nashville Mercedes Repair can handles brakes and other auto parts if you have damage to your said auto. Anyway back to the story at hand:
Ghianni reported Gault as saying the National Transportation Safety Board is checking into reports that the man was not wearing his safety harness and that the plane had gone into a nosedive at the time of the accident.

But this is where it gets interesting. Ghianni wrote; “Emergency personnel from Bradley County as well as a Tennessee Highway Patrol helicopter were called into the search for the missing man after his co-pilot was able to fly the plane back to Collegedale Municipal Airport after the accident, according to Gault.”
What a nightmare also for the co-pilot who had to witness such a bizarre and terrible thing.

More On The Unusual Air Accident Reported Out Of Nashville

More details have been published in a Daily Mail Reporter piece on the pilot who was ejected from an ‘experimental’ plane into the Tennessee countryside.
The article was posted April 1, 2013 and The Daily Mail Reporter stated that the pilot’s name was David Richardson and he was 77 years old. He was ejected from a plane he was training in with an instructor pilot.
We knew that Richardson fell 2,500 feet to his death. Now we know that he was ejected from an ‘experimental’ build-it-yourself plane, assembled by a local resident who died in late 2012 in an accident involving a different plane, according to the Reporter. Usually I am on here preaching to be carful on the roads and highways, with all the damn auto accidents, but here is something new for me I guess.
A Collegedale Municipal Airport employee Lowell Sterchi was quoted by the Chattanooga Times Free Press as saying that Richardson was being trained in his Zodiac 601 aircraft when the canopy came off. Apparently a Richardson’s seat belt was not fastened and he was expelled from the plane. Sterchi was also quoted as noting that the unnamed instructor landed the plane and was not physically injured.

This Wasn’t The First Time Driver in Raleigh Fatal Wrong-way Wreck Had DWI charges

Remember the guy who allegedly hit a car head-on, killing two people while driving DWI and the wrong way in Raleigh? It turns out the guy had been charged with similar offenses and let off previously. Why doesn’t that surprise me?

Being Safe on the Roads, Streets and Highways

Seems this time he got intoxicated and hit an elderly couple who were on their way home after church and lunch to see a basketball on television when they met up with the front of Ray Norman Rouse IV’s vehicle.
WRAL.com has reported the story under the headline, “Driver in fatal Raleigh collision faces felony charges,” posted March 18, 2013, reported by Amanda Lamb and edited by Matthew Burns.By the way if you need a Raleigh Auto Repair trianglecarcare.com can help you fix your motor vehicle’s damage in North Carolina.
We also learned from this piece that the first people to stop on the scene were an off-duty paramedic, along with his wife who called 911.
She was quoted as having reported, “There are two sedans. It was a head-on. The guy was in the wrong lane driving down the road.”
It was also stated in the WRAL.com report that “Rouse, a Goldsboro native and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill graduate, pleaded guilty to DWI in Durham County……”
Rouse, 34, was listed in critical condition. Police said they would be charging him with DWI and driving the wrong way on a dual-lane highway.
The article quoted Wake County Assistant District Attorney Jeff Cruden as saying that two warrants charging Rouse with felony death by motor vehicle also would be served on Rouse upon his release.
Two People Transported To Raleigh General Hospital Following I-77 northbound Auto Accident
This one is cryptic but here are the only facts available in the media at this time.
WVVA.com posted a brief report under the headline, “Two injured in Raleigh County crash,” April 01, 2013.
The report stated that the Turnpike Division of the West Virginia State Police is investigating an accident that involved two people. Raleigh County 911 was reported as saying that the crash occurred on I-77 northbound at mile marker 48.
The two people involved were taken to the hospital after the car accident in Raleigh County Sunday morning.
The nature and extent of the injuries were not made public, but apparently the two were transported to Raleigh General Hospital.

Motorcycle Accidents Pose Great Risk to the Lives of Riders

Riders who get around on motorcycles experience a higher risk for injuries and fatalities in the event of an accident occurring since they are more exposed to everything that is around them. While drivers in vehicles have the shell of the their cars to protect them, motorcycle riders have only their helmet and the clothing that they are wearing which is not substantial enough to keep them from suffering serious life threatening injuries. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, it is advisable to seek the help of a qualified motorcycle accident attorney who can determine whether you are eligible to receive compensation for your losses. If you reside in the golden state you can go to this firm for Personal Injury attorneys Ramona. In addition they can also be of assistance if you are in southern California and the inland empire SoCal and need a wrongful death lawyer.

Supersports Motorcycles Have Higher Risk of Injuries

The insurance Institute for Highway Safety has reported that motorcycle riders who ride specific supersports type motorcycles are four times more likely to suffer a fatality in an accident than other types of motorcycles. The supersports motorcycles are lighter, more aerodynamic, have more horsepower and are faster with some being able to reach speeds of up to 190mph. A motorcycle traveling at these speeds crashing can be catastrophic. Many motorcycle crashes are due to speeding and driver error.

Precautions to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders can lower their chances of experiencing an accident by following certain safety tips. By taking certain precautions, the likelihood of suffering a serious injury can be significantly decreased. Some of these safety measures include:
• Always wear a helmet
• Follow traffic rules and regulations
• Always signal when making turns and changing lanes
• Make sure that drivers can see you
• Wear protective clothing
• Ride slower in bad weather
• Do not weave in between cars
By far the leading precaution that riders can take is to wear a helmet. According to studies, motorcycle helmets can be about 37% effective in preventing fatal motorcycle accident injuries. 1,784 lives were saved by motorcycle helmets in 2007. Several states in the US require riders to wear helmets. Other states only require that people between the ages of 17 and 20 ride them.
If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident involving a motorcycle, then it is imperative that you seek immediate medical attention as well as contact a personal injury attorney who can help you to file a claim to get compensation for your injuries and losses.

Who Was The Driver Who Fled The Auto Accident In Olathe That Left Three Seriously Hurt?

Has anyone heard any more on the driver who, at the beginning of the month, ran away from a smashed up car with three passengers in critical condition? One of those people was thrown through the windshield?
KansasCity.com carried the story posted on February 3, under the headline, “Driver flees the scene of a (major) injury accident in Olathe.” All of this leads to the logical question: Who really did flee the said Automobile crash In Olathe which tragically left 3 folks with major personal injuries? Not to mention the fact that someone required the help of an Olathe Auto Repair body parts firm to fix their vehicle in question:
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That piece reported that the car was headed east on Dennis Avenue around 2 a.m. when it veered off the roadway and hit a utility pole near Sunset Drive. The car driver in question was literally nowhere to be seen when the police got there. The passengers were transported to hospitals the area for treatment.
Was there any follow up to this story that I missed?

All in all, this reminds me of another recent highway collision, this one fatal, involving one
Nate Trinkle, age seventeen, who died tragically over on 143rd Road in Overland Park on Saturday night when the automobile he was a passenger in apparently hit a guardrail followed by a tree, which sent the poor lad him flying out of the window!
We really do as a country need to be more safe on the highways and interstates. The streets are hazardous enouph without all of the reckless and drunk driving, etc.

Pleasanton Woman Finds Good Auto Repair Shop

Sometimes You Just Have To Deal With Repairs

I don’t like to deal with auto repairs. I am at a disadvantage since I know nothing about the way trucks and cars work. As a woman, car repair shops feel akin to finding oneself in a locker room. I am not meant to be there in that foreign land. As an aside if you are in Pleasanton, California the golden state this is a quality Auto Repair Pleasanton and body shop for cars and other vehicles such as trucks and minivans. They are skilled at automotive tech and parts in the greater bay area overall:
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When you do find a good auto repair mechanic, you feel like you’ve discovered treasure—and you have!

Conducting The Search: The Basics

How do you do that? How do you find that honest, reliable professional who will keep you from finding yourself stranded by the side of the road, or paying for repairs you don’t need, or just paying more than you should?

This is how I found my Pleasanton auto repair shop. First, don’t be shy about asking basic questions, such as how do they determine their rates. Ask them what kind of certifications they have. Just these two questions will give you an opportunity to determine how professional they are, how much pride they take in the running of their shop.

The Credentials That They Should Have

They should have ASE certification, or Automotive Technician Certification. This tells you the repairman has at least two years of car repair experience and passed the ASE competency exams.

Here’s another tip. Google “reviews” on the repair shop in question. See what others have to say about them. Call the Better Business Bureau or check it online to see if any complaints have been filed against the shop. Naturally you want to check with other people if you can, to see that their experience was at the shop. If you have been involved in a minor road fender bender on the road or a major vehicle crash on the interstate highway with a lot of car damage you owe it too yourself to look for the best possible Pleasanton Repair service for your campact car, minivan, truck or what have you.

Fullerton injury auto crash, high-speed chase, police shooting, lead to daydreams of a brave new world of driverless cars

It is good to be back to Mountain View. Early this morning I read several unrelated stories that gave rise to some magical thinking. I read about an auto crash, 90 mile per hour high-speed chase, and other mayhem in Fullerton, California news. Then I read about a man who took a ride in Google’s driverless car. As a side note this Fullerton auto repair service can get the job done.
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According to the City News Service reporting May 11, 2012, Fullerton police shot and killed a gun-wielding man after a high-speed chase. Another man was transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries he suffered when, in fleeing from police, he drove into a drainage ditch. Here in Martinez that happened as well as other parts of the golden state of California.
What if cars driven by humans were found to be so dangerous in comparison to the driverless cars now being tested on public streets that human drivers became outlawed! Imagine no more auto accidents and no more high-speed criminal chases and auto repair costs! Just streets filled with automated vehicles that can sense a puppy in the road, children crossing the street, and “see” 360 degrees around the vehicle at all times, never get distracted, tired, or angry.
All the mayhem on the streets of Fullerton that I read about was just ordinary kind of stuff. How is it we accept the injuries, the death, and the general carnage that occurs on the roads outside our doors every day? As an aside this Fullerton, Concord, Martinez or Benicia auto repair www.haginsauto.com is top notch:
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Those Google cars sound so crazy. It’s so hard to imagine getting in a car and the car just drives itself to your destination, all at exactly the speed limit and in almost perfect safety. It’s not so strange, though, when you think about it. They say the immense jets that flay the crowded skies fly themselves much of the time; so much so that the pilots fight to keep from falling asleep. Those jets are by far and away safer, statistically, than the vehicles we climb into everyday. Maybe the Mountain View based technology company is on to something. I amgine no auto repair bills.

Seagate’s new hard drives.. safe?

Seagate has just announced that they have managed to fit an entire terabyte
of data onto 1 square inch of hard drive. It seems like only a few years
ago that 1 terabyte drives were the big new thing, and now they say they
will soon be able to have 30 or even 60 terabyte drives because of this new
technology. The technology works by using denser metals on the hard drive
plate, which can hold more data, but are usually too resistant to magnetism
to be written to. The technology adds a method of heating a tiny area so it
is more malleable and can be written to. This has many people excited, and
the people of IT support Irvine are no exception. But they are also cautious. Why?
Read on.

Of course with any new technology comes questions. How reliable is it? If
past innovations in hard drive technology are any indication, we should be
extremely careful about putting critical data on these new drives. The new
storage space will be a great boon, but it makes it even easier to lose all
your data from the failure of just one drive. That’s why all the IT support Orange County providers should carefully consider how they
will protect their customers data.

This is why it’s important to have a redundant data network. Having a
backups and spreading data across drives will limit the damage any failure
could cause. And when you are talking about new hard drive technology being
used in a business setting, betting that there won’t be any drive failures
is an extremely risky proposition. Organizing drives into raids and having
automated backups are just a few of the important precautions all the IT
support Orange County should all take to avoid massive data loss. These
steps are important when using regular hard drives, and they are even more
important when upgrading to a new technology. Any IT support Irvine firm
should have this on the top of their list for any meeting about upgrading
to include these new drives.